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Details Australian-Cinema-After-Mabo

Australian Cinema After Mabo Australian Cinema after Mabo is a comprehensive 2005 study of Australian national cinema in the 1990s. Full description

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Details Jazz-Cinema-Paradise

Tokyo Cinema Jazz Trio - Jazz Cinema Paradise [Japan LTD SHM-CD] KICJ-673

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Details Palestinian-Cinema-Landscape-Trauma-and-Memory

Palestinian Cinema A comprehensive study of Palestinian cinema

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Details Sergio-Leone-Cinema-cinema-IT-Import

La vita e le opere di uno dei grandi maestri del cinema italiano, Sergio Leone, in un ricco ed affascinante ritratto ideato e realizzato da Carles Prats. Una messe di testimonianze inedite di collaboratori (Tonino Delli Colli, Sergio Donati, Ennio ...

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Details Jazz-Cinema-Fantasy-Shm-CD

Tokyo Cinema Jazz Trio - Jazz Cinema Fantasy [Japan LTD SHM-CD] KICJ-721

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Details Guide-to-British-Cinema-Reference-Guides-to-the-Worlds-Cinema

Guide to British Cinema This guide to the nation's cinematic output includes entries on major British actors, directors,and films from 1929 through to the present day. The volume highlights both major cycles such as the Ealing comedy as well as less ...

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Details The-Cinema-Makers-Public-Life-and-the-Exhibition-of-Difference-in-South-Eastern-and-Central-Europe-since-the-1960s

"The Cinema Makers" investigates how cinema spectators in southeastern and central European cities became cinema makers through such practices as squatting in existing cinema spaces, organizing cinema "events," writing about film, and making films ...

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Details Deleuze-and-Cinema-The-Film-Concepts

Deleuze and Cinema Deleuze and Cinema presents a step-by-step guide to the key concepts behind Deleuze's revolutionary theory of the cinema. Exploring ideas through key directors and genres, Deleuze's method is illustrated with examples drawn from ...